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Market Intelligence

Resource Benchmarking

Are you adequately resourced to support key priorities in the coming year? National Journal’s resource benchmarking survey examines current and future budgeting, headcount, and investment trends among leading government affairs offices so you can optimize your resources in the year ahead .

  • Custom reports. Participants receive custom reports tailored to their organization, with peer comparisons based on industry, size, and strategy.
  • Confront the challenges of resourcing. Whether budgets are shrinking, staying flat, or growing, there’s difficulty in knowing how to adjust to those changes. Our survey alleviates that burden to ensure that your resources are allocated effectively.

We have expertise in equipping organizations with the information they need to identify how their spending and staffing levels compare to their peers in the policy community.

Washington in the Information Age

National Journal’s Washington in the Information Age (WIA) report provides useful insights on the media consumption habits of Washington insiders.

  • WIA delivers exclusive data on the behavior of Washington decision makers when it comes to what news and information they consume, when they consume it, and who they trust most.
  • The survey identifies the roles different channels play in day-to-day policy work, the most popular social media platforms, and the media brands most relied upon inside the Beltway .

We have expertise in providing guidance on how your government affairs and communications teams can adapt and tailor their engagement strategies to get ahead of changing trends in Washington.

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