Introducing National Journal’s bespoke election multimedia content offering.

Every year, our members ask us to go above and beyond as we support them during high-impact moments like election season. This year, we have added both capacity and capability to serve a small number of organizations with a highly bespoke election offering.

Our clients can now upgrade their support to take advantage of our animated graphics, videos, gifs, and more as they build their pre-election, week of, and post-election communications plans.

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Customized GOTV Videos

Rely on National Journal to create compelling GOTV videos that engage and educate your advocates.

We focus on your specific states of interest, compile the important information, and deliver high-quality, custom-branded, animated graphic videos.

Educate voters about election deadlines, registration guidelines, and other relevant information for the 2022 General Election.

Animated Graphics

Receive five custom-made animated graphics and visuals to help you promote key wins, election results, the success of your PAC, and the impact of the election. Use these graphics to improve your social media and newsletter content.

State of Play – PA Senate

PAC Education – Contribution Guidelines


Historic Midterm Results


Post Election

All samples above are for demonstration purposes and intended to illustrate our capabilities. To learn more, email

Custom 2022 Post-Election Results & Impact Deck

A custom 2022 Election deep dive on the impact of the elections on your company and industry, delivered in your branding. Report includes

  • Top-line results and maps of congressional, gubernatorial, and state election results
  • Charts and maps of the electoral college, Senate, and House results
  • Table and maps of selected ballot initiative outcomes
  • A deep dive into your PAC contributions, intelligence report, and competitive analysis
  • Profiles on key Freshman members of Congress including their approach and motivations, policy positions, core engagements, and communities

Visualizations are based on race calls only from the Associated Press

Animated Election Recap

Bring Your Custom Post-Election Presentation to Life

Take your post-election report to the next level with an animated recap. Our team can convert the top lines from your post-election report into an animated presentation to engage your stakeholders. This animated recap will allow you to communicate the impact of the elections on your company and industry.

  • Results overview with maps of congressional, gubernatorial, and state legislature election outcomes
  • Detailed information on selected ballot initiative outcomes
  • A view into your PAC contributions and how you did this cycle
  • Key details on the Freshman members of Congress you care about most

Visualizations are based on race calls only from the Associated Press

Tap our Team

In-person/virtual post-election briefings are available for your audience on a limited basis. Please let us know if you also have the need for a speaker this election season and we can provide availability and pricing. Email


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